Cats we used ;) and some kittens we did breed

Quasana’s Ayinda

Ebony oriental shorthair variant


Pippastro's Darco Cinnamon ticked tabby OLH variant boy


Cardozo's Django Quasana, Osh blue Boy

Born 28-4-2014


Quasana's Fantasy Fables, Chocolate Tabby point Balinese male

Born 12-11-2010

PRA Tested Negative


Quasana's Lala

Oriental Longhair  - Lavendel girl

born 28-1-2014


Quasana's Oscar, Cinnamon Tabby point Balinese male

This moment living at Pippastro Cattery

Born 13-1-2014


Giocconda Barvaz Cattus

Born 5-10-2011 Neutered and living with here buddy Quasana's Dizhau

Quasana's Romy Schneider, Ebony Oriental Shorthair variant Female

Born 30-8-2011


Quasana's Kane

Blue tabby ticked Oosters Langhaar





Quasana's Mellow Skye, Lilac Tabby Spotted Shorthair variant Female

Born 28-4-2014

rip little baby XxX

Mon Cherie of Lombok

Chocolate Tabby spotted



Quasana's Jolie Fable, Balinese blue tabby point female

Born 8-4-2012

Quasana's Wouxun

Lilac tabby point siamese variant girl


Quasana's Ma Jolie, Blue tabby point Female

born 22-12-2009

Quasana's Dizhau

Chocolate tabby point siamese variant boy




Quasana's bouncer, lavendel Oriental Longhair

Born 24-10-2011


Quasana's Werthers Original, Cinnamon Oriental Shorthair Female

Born 30-8-2011



Quasana's Poison Ivy

Oriental Longhair lavendel, female


Quasana's CinnaBon

Cinnamon Tabby point Balinese female Born 30-5-2010




Quasana's The Show Must Go On

Lilacpoint Balinese female, born 11-2-2011 (Pure balinese)





Mylynn MoonlitShadow, Bluepoint Siamese male

Born 1-2-2011



Quasana's Fudge, Havana Oriental Shorthair Female

Born 30-8-2011




Quasana's You Don't Fool Me

Bluepoint Balinese female, born 11-2-2011 (pure Balinese)



Quasana's Queen Latifah

Oriental Longhair Black, female


Quasana's Sarah Bernhardt, Seal tabby point Siamese female

born 23-3-2010

 Lives in Hedel together with latifah .. Thnx Olga!

Janindras Frozen Memories, Fawn Tabby spotted OLH

Born 12-8-2010

PRA tested Negative





Fiordiliso DragonMaster, havana Osh male (neutered)

Born 28-4-2010

Cinnamon carrier :) !!   PRA tested Negative





Pippastro Flying Dutchman

Born 7-11-2009





Hämynhäivän Berlioz sealpoint Balinese male

Born 20-12-2009 Neutered




CH.Kandrakkar Kiraz Quasa 

Foreign White Balinese female born 28-01-2004




Quasana's Cardamon

Balinese Chocolate point female, born 26-06-2008 (neutered)



Quasana's Susie Q, Chocolate point female

born 28-5-2009 (neutered)

Glenn Quasana van de Anjosimo

 Fawnpoint Siamese / Fawnpoint Siamees

Dekkater/Stud wil be neutered living @


Lachtetals A-Gino

Chocolate Tabby spotted variant male neutered living @ Fam Schreurs & Sinny ;)



HocusPocus Quasana van de Anjosimi Osh Chocolate tabby blotched -  Living @

Luce Dell'Est Samurai of Quasana & Anouk van de Anjosimi neutered


Izhalay's O'charelle of Nadine



Izhalay's O'charelle of Nadine

female (neutered)


Quasana's  Salvador Dali Oriental

Shorthair variant @ Mary & Eric

Quasana's Innocence Beauty (Missy), Quasana's Salvador Dali (Zazou), Quasana's Tiramisu (Tirza)

& Max

Quasana's  Tiramisu Oriental Longhair Choc Tortie @ Mary & Eric


Quasana's  Destiny - Oriental Shorthair ebony (variant) - (ezra)

Quasana's Yes-R - Oriental Shorthair ebony (variant) - (Bo)

@ Hanna & Martin




Quasana's  Cassata - Oriental Longhair White

Quasana's Un-Break My Heart - Oriental Longhair Blue

Quasana's Torney - Balinese Choc smoke

@ Annette & Familie



Quasana's  Raffaëllo @ Desiree & Jan

Oriental shorthair bi-colour choc white




Quasana's  Bueno @ Desiree & Jan

Oriental shorthair bi-colour choc white




Quasana's Hungry For Love (rest in peace :()

Cream Oriental Shorthair variant @ Corine


Quasana's  Good Vibes

Oriental Shorthair variant Choc Tabby Ticked@ Corine


 Quasana´s Fatal Attraction

Blue/Tortie variant Female - Born 20-12-2005

Neutered and living @ Guus & Ellen


Quasana´s Ve-Tsin

Blue/white variant Female - Born 1-3-2008

Neutered and living @ Fam Schreurs with Gino

Quasana's  Mon Cheri @ Anne Wielen

Oriental Longhair Havanna



Quasana's  You're Makin' Me High

Quasana's  You're Makin' Me High @ Maggie Ruitenberg

Oriental Longhair lilac


Quasana's  Smooth Operator & Quasana's  Never say never

Quasana's Smooth Operator & Quasana's Never say never @ Bianca

Seychellois Choc point / white


Quasana's  Like A Tattoo

Quasana's Like A Tattoo Seychellois sealpoint / white @ Monika & Vincent


Quasana's  Bavarois - Oriental Longhair white @ Desiree & Jan


Quasana's Innocence Beauty

Quasana's Innocence Beauty @ Eric & Mary

Choc Tabby Ticked


Quasana's No Way - Living @ Danielle van der Kruijs

choc / white tabby ticked mackerel

Quasana's Venga Boy

Quasana's Venga Boy  Havanna @ Leena Rinne

Quasana's  No Matter What

Quasana's  No Matter What Black tabby Ticked @ Cor de Wit


Quasana's Indian Ocean

Balinese Lilac tortie female, born 1802-2008,

Indy did fly's out with a kitten :-)


Quasana's Midnight Summer

Living @ Silke in Germany ;-) 


Clowntown's Chapo of Quasana, Siamees (variant) Lilac point

Clowntown's Red Alert (redpoint) & Clowntown's Marrian Too (lilacpoint)

Lives @ Lenneke



Clowntown's Chapi of Quasana

Balinese Lilac tortie point female, born 18-08-2008 (pure point line)

neutered, living with here brother Chapi :)


Thalia Quasana af Yum-Yum

 Black silver tabby ticked female (variant)     Born 3-9-2006

Quasana's Opium

Oriental Longhair lavendel, boy


@ Desiree & Jan

Luce Dell'Est Samurai of Quasana

@Jan Amsterdam


Njadir van Saltimbanco

Neutered @ Alex & Sharon


Almost Heaven's Prince Quasana

Lilac point Balinese male born 22-3-2007

Neutered @ Alex & Sharon




Fin*Tistan Örnbräken (neutered)  we call him Finner - Balinese Seal point male

Born 4-3-2006

Owners Lucy Orsel & Danielle Hoedelmans

Finner is neutered and living ass house pet! ;-)


Quasana's Deep Impact

Lilac/White variant Female born 20-12-2005

Didi is neutered and living with lorraine & Tim, and  Quasana's Creme brulëe in Belgie


Quasana´s No Matter What

Black/White ticked variant male - Born 16-2-2006,

Living with a good friend Cor de Wit Cattery Easiersaid Thandone

Daantje is neutered


Quasana's Double Feeling

Blue/White Female Born 20-12-2005 Living with mine Daughter


Am.Ch. Logo Cheyenne

21-2-2005 (neutered) Logo is replaced

and living with Silke in Germany where he has a spoiled live ;-) thnx Silke.



Izhalay's O'charelle of Nadine








female (neutered)

Living in Lelystad with Sandra



Quasana's Aeres


Living with Gaby  Cattery Kandrakkar


Kirazamber's Moana








































(Moana is living with Piet & Swen in Zantvoort together Gentle here love)


Spellbound Gentle Treasha ( Neutered) male

Choc smoke point Balinese

(Gentle is living with Piet & Steph in Zandvoort together with Moana his love )

Spellbound's Gentle Treasa